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Heather Ann Ryland

Marconic Advanced Energy Practitioner

Spiritual Life and Ascension Coach

Published Author 


Personal Assistant



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My Services

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Marconic Energy Sessions

The Human Upgrade providing upgrades for the 5th dimensional light body and beyond. Our Earth and all of humanity are on an ascension path which is allowing our body and energetic fields to vibrate at a higher vibrational level.


Ascension Coaching

1:1 Guidance and mentoring on what ascension is, how it is achieved, and what this means for you personally. Ascension support groups and seminars occasionally available.

I'm on a mission...

After hearing my own "clarion call," I've stepped into my role as an Advanced Marconic Practioner and Coach. I am here to help those who are ready for ascension via the integration of multidimensional frequencies emanating from the higher dimensions.


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