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"Working with Heather is like a loving embrace. Doing spiritual work is hard and weird. It has been wonderful to have Heather by my side as I have examined myself and the world around me. In addition to opening me to Ascension energy, she has provided me with education about spiritual hygiene, a space to talk though experiences that seem unbelievable, as well as loving guidance on how to honor myself and find my path forward. I have so much gratitude for Heather. She is a worthy investment." - Tarin Tripp

"Marconics has changed my life. It's what I've been searching for my whole life. As an empath and healer, I could not find what was calling me. Nothing fully resonated with me. I mean, nothing! I was looking for that "something" that would help me break through to who I am. The first time I heard about Marconics I blew it off as if it was just something else someone was doing. Then, I heard the echo of Marconics again and it sounded different. When you are being your true self, you will attract all things that aid in that realization. Marconics was what I was longing for without knowing. It calls to whoever wants to evolve. When you know what you want, the Universe will always provide what you need. So, when my wife & I learned about Heather, the Universe sent what we needed and orchestrated the booking of our first session. Ever since then, we've been on the journey of Ascension and embracing our higher selves coming online. Thank you Heather for your commitment, all you do, and who you are as a person. We've never felt an energy as powerful as this our whole lives until our experience with you as a coach. We're glad and grateful that you are the one who helped connect our I Am to these Avatars. It's Amazing! Thank you! We appreciate the time you take with us when we visit. We love the talks afterward and are so excited about the next trip to Georgia. Marconics is more than evolving for us, it's home." - Jason & Aisha N.

"I have been working with Heather for more than a decade. Since beginning Marconics, my life has shifted immensely. Everything not in alignment with the ascension process has fallen away. The path has been cleared. I am living my most authentic life & I am happier & healthier than I have ever been. That is not to say there aren't still difficult moments, but those moments do not affect me in any significant way because I now know & believe that whatever is happening is supposed to be happening & there is growth on the other side of it. I am grateful for Heather's existence & work & teaching.” - Nat Ba

"After Marconics sessions, I found that not only did I experience the same type of physical well-being that I had with traditional Reiki sessions, but this seems to have a more significant impact on my life overall. After a Marconics session, I find that everything starts clicking with greater ease. Not only do I feel physically better after a Marconics session, I feel lighter mentally and like I'm better able to handle any challenges I might face. I honestly credit Marconics as a life-changing positive addition and don't know what I would do without Heather and the fantastic benefits that I've received from her Marconics sessions." - Jenn Fleece


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