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About Me

Heather has served her spiritual and healing community for the last 20 years. She’s empowered her clients to step into their sovereignty, embrace and embody their abilities as multidimensional creators, and master their own lives and soul missions during this powerful time of ascension and awakening.

She has been intimately connected to the quantum realms, having had personal experiences with both light and dark, since she was a small child. As she grew, it became clear to her that she was a light warrior - here on Earth to fight for the freedom of all and for light to reign.  

For over a decade, she has honed her skills as a divine messenger supporting her community in healing their wounds, resulting in empowerment and ultimately, freedom from their past. As a minister and ascension coach, she holds a sacred space for clients to take back their sovereignty as they walk toward true freedom to serve their own missions for the betterment of the world.  

In 2018, her mission shifted into being a divine messenger through her writing. Her goal as an author is to empower her readers to release all that holds them back from being their most vibrant selves and to step fully into their own sovereign truth. 

She became a Marconic Practitioner shortly after, offering energetic protocols assisting clients in reconnecting to their highest versions of themselves at Source, on their most benevolent, highest timelines. Through her ascension coaching, Heather assists her clients in gaining clarity of what their truth is, empowering them to step into their soul missions and help them learn how to be multidimensional in a human vessel. 

Heather serves humanity as an ascension ambassador, guardian, truth seeker, and divine messenger. 

Education and Certifications

University of Georgia

Women's Studies &  Cultural Anthropology

The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology 

Women's Spirituality, Specializing in Creative Expression

Advanced Marconic Practitioner

Levels 1 -4

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My Philosophy

There have been many magical occurrences that have led me here. Everything, in every lifetime, has led me to this chapter of my life.

I am to fully serve NOW on my multi-mission. 

My role is about mastery and creation. I will help you create an abundant, sovereign life based on your own truth and mission.

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