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What is Marconic Energy?

Marconic energy is a multidimensional ascension energy modality, handed down by Spirit, for the evolution of humanity. "The Human Upgrade" provides upgrades to the 5th-dimensional light body and beyond. In order for the physical body to remain strong and intact, we must upgrade our fields to handle the higher frequencies that are influencing us. Receiving these upgrades is vital in order to continue to awaken while much of humanity will fall back asleep.

Marconic energy carries the frequency of Ascension, 144,000. Marconic practitioners are the bridge between the dimensions, facilitating the connection between the client on the table and their awaiting celestial families. By maintaining a pure channel, Marconic Practitioners deliver the purest, highest frequency from the cosmos into the client's energy field, enabling the client's own Higher Self to direct the type of healing to occur.

What a Marconic energy session can do for you:

  • Raise your vibration above the fear frequencies of the third dimension, so you can access the frequencies of Pleiadian love in the higher realms of 5D and beyond, and come into alignment with your Higher Self, at Source.

  • Achieve ascension through the progressive integration of Higher Self energies into the physical body. Each one introduces a higher vibration than the last.

  • Allows you to experience an acceleration of your life’s path. Your personal interactions and your work will emit a higher vibrational frequency, drawing in experiences and people that are in resonance with you.

  • It will help you download upgrades continuously from infrared systems in space, with every new wave of Ascension energy that hits the planet.

Energy Sessions

No Touch - $111 (first session is $144)

These sessions allow you to have a Jacob’s ladder effect of raising your vibration without coming back down like other modalities prior to 2012 have done. The Higher Self lineages provide whatever healing, upgrades, downloads, integrations and knowledge needed for the incarnate for their own personal ascension. Marconic energy assists us in shifting into the 5d light body and beyond. (Remote sessions are available for $144, the first remote session is $188).

Integrated Chakra Unification - $222

The subtle bodies that healers have worked with prior to 2012, have been contained in a self-sustaining energy system, fed by the 7 (major) chakras, which had been ‘nipped’ at the spine at the end of the last Ascension cycle trapping our experiences as we process them through this limited system. This congestion creates the karmic debris that holds us in density for the third-dimensional experience. This protocol is a psychic surgery creating a permanent upgrade in the human vehicle. This upgrade enables the recipient to liberate themselves from their own Karmic creations and return to the 30ft auric field and multidimensional chakra system used in the higher dimensions, which includes fully activated galactic chakras and higher functioning thymus, pineal and pituitary glands.  

Sessions are in-person and given one time only.

Quantum Recalibration - $333

The process through which human bodies (etheric and physical) are being re-tuned/ re-structured/ re-calibrated to survive and thrive in those higher dimensions by reconnecting the individual back to Source via the galactic core, and upgrading the current double star tetrahedron light body to the Quantum Merkaba allowing us to become multidimensional again. Sessions are in-person and given one time only.

AquaLux - $244

Ability to draw down 6D and 7D frequencies, Merging with the Mother Arc (Sacred Sophia, Christ Consciousness of the Divine Feminine) to merge with the Father Arc, (Christ Consciousness of the Sacred Masculine), ability to draw down magnetic and electric frequencies, removal of crucifixion implants, returning of the multidimensional wings and possibility of merger with bundled, higher self frequencies. Sessions are in-person and given one time only.

Ascension Coaching

Initial Consultation - $111 (1.5 hrs)

Let's chat, and see if coaching with me is right for you.

1:1 Coaching - $144 (2hrs)

Guidance and mentoring on what ascension is, how it is achieved, what it means to you personally.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide a 24 hr cancellation notice. If there is a cancellation less than 24 hours, I ask for a PayPal or Venmo payment of $44 to cover my time. You can send payment through Venmo @Heather-Ryland or PayPal at I appreciate this support in honoring my time. 

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