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Freedom and New Beginnings

The only inevitable is change....but, we have a hard time with change. It is really easy to be comfortable and complacent in our lives. It takes a lot of courage to CHOOSE CHANGE. I just chose a totally new life and timeline for myself and my family totally based on faith and intuition and my dream. I am sure I may have looked crazy to some, confused others and even inspired some just by following my heart and leading by example.

You see, I have discovered that I am a bright light showing others that anything truly is possible. I am here to prove to others that you truly are the Creator of Your Own Reality! I am here to lead by example. I have had a dream for almost 20 years Live at the Beach and to Live A Life that I do not need a Vacation from! Well, on total intuitive knowing, prayers and believing in the impossible, I decided to trust and Spread My Wings and move to the Seaside to Create a New Life. I left all that I have known for 48 years without certainty on where or how I would land, what I would do and not knowing anyone in this new, foreign land. It has been the most liberating and the most terrifying thing I have ever done. And, I am so damn proud of myself!

I am choosing to move forward in my dream and to create a Seaside Shoppe that is also a Healing Center and Community Space for Creatives, Healers, Teachers, Families, Peacemakers, Spiritual Leaders and Magick Makers!! I have been creating this dream come true in the ethers for nearly 19 years and now I am ready to physically make it happen! I am teaching my children, my friends, my community that anything is possible. I would love for YOU to be a part of this vision coming true! If you feel inspired to donate to My Mission I will gladly accept the help. If you want to be an intimate part of this community let's talk! I am in deep  Creatrix and Manifesting Mode!!! I trust by Spring of 2025 my Shoppe and Healing, Community Center will be up and running. Just sit back and Watch The Majick Unfold as I Fully Embody Being A Sovereign Creator!

Much Love and Blessings, Heather (Auralite)

For Donations:

Venmo: Heather-Ryland

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