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Remember Who You Are

I had a powerful, life-changing realization this morning. Everything up to this NOW moment, no matter how challenging, horrific, or life-altering, has brought me to the recognition of who I really am and why I had to be forged through the fire to REMEMBER WHO I AM.

Not all of us choose our destiny to be easy. In fact, most, if not all, light warriors choose the hard path in order to be immersed in the darkness that pushes us to the truth of who we really are - which is light. The shadow has tried to take me down over and over, but I continued to rise from the ashes like a PHOENIX. No matter what came my way- the dark entities that taunted and tried to attack me time and time again, the horrific abuse, the abandonment, the betrayals, the heartbreaks, the alcoholism, the eating disorders and body dysmorphia, the gut-wrenching pain of absorbing the pain of those around me - I still rise.

The most beautiful creation is crafted and molded from the dark and re-birthed into something that inspires, awes, and is magnificent. The lotus flower grows and emerges from the mud. The caterpillar breaks down into goop in the cocoon, unrecognizable from who it used to be, in a state of nothingness, to emerge into a beautiful butterfly representing new life and pure beauty. Compost in our garden creates fresh growth for food to nourish our bodies. Mothers straddle the veil of life and death and cross over new souls into a body they have grown in their own.


I am here to remind you and to shine a light for you to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. No matter how dark, how much pain, or what your story is, the TRUTH is that we can CHOOSE to RISE UP from it all and be reborn into who we really are!

The truth is that we are sovereign, divine creators, and masters of light! By upgrading our light bodies, we rise and return to our multidimensionality, our god selves that create our reality.

My gift, my mission, and my honor are to hold sacred space for you as you remove all the layers that bind you. Allow the shadow to fall away and rebirth yourself into the powerful, beautiful creation that you truly are! I am excited about our journey together- rising up in our ascension with beauty, harmony, empowerment, abundance, love, and grace. I challenge you to join me on this journey.

Much Love and Light,


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